How to Style Wigs into Buns-Customer Review

Hello! I have a wig in the box and review for you from princess wig.This is their unicorn ashy blonde. It costs $ 69.99. They don’t have a big selection of wigs on their website, but what they do have is really reasonable price.

So this is the box that it was sent in. In the box there is the wig and two wig caps. I’ll go ahead in the move the mesh, the paper,cut off the extra lace, and then I’ll show you what it looks like on.


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So here’s what the wig looks like on with 0 styling.So I actually really like the gradient on this wig. I feel like it has a nice fade. I have seen some wigs very go straight from black to blonde. So I’m actually gonna straight in this wig and show you how I style it. This wig is heat-resistant. They don’t specify up to what they degree but I’m just using my straighter on it slowly. So today’s style I’ll put this wig up into two buns. In my recent videos, this is the style I that really enjoy wearing my wigs in. So I’m taking a section of my hair, twisting it and it doesn’t matter what direction and I’m twisting it turns into buns.

So the quality of the wig is nice and the pricing is good. I hope your guys enjoy the video. Please check out princess wig and thank you for watching.